A balcony above the sea

Beaches like miniature bays
Stairways to the beach

When the Atlantic looks like the Mediterranean...

Your starting point is in the Kerlédé neighbourhood. You can park in the upper part of rue Ambroise Paré, across the street from a shopping centre, or around the corner, rue Ferdinand Buisson  (see the interactive city map). In either case, you will be very close to a bus stop for bus number U3. Your arrival point: Saint-Marc-sur-Mer, which is Saint-Nazaire’s very own “bathing resort”.

Right from the beginning, the footpath offers magnificent views over the sea. Beneath you, a series of picture-perfect sandy beaches, sometimes enshrined by cliffs. When the tide is low, you can walk on the beach, around heads and promontories.

The best moment to start your walk is in the morning, when the air is fresh and everything is calm. The Atlantic ocean, with its deep hue of blue, looks uncannily like the Mediterranean Sea. The beaches are still empty, the sea and the horizon seem to be just one shimmering surface of the same transparent blue. You walk through gorse, holm oaks, maritime pines… And there is so much to see: a lighthouse in the distance; high-legged fishing cabins, some of them painted in vivid colours; a small sailing boat or sea kayak which hardly grazes against the surface of the sea while it glides on.

Privileged moments of calm...