A concert in the VIP hall.
Open air show in the harbour.

Cultural life

Cultural life in Saint-Nazaire is very dynamic, all year long. The Theatre has drama, dance, music, from classical to contemporary repertoire on offer, wheras the concert venue VIP, inside the submarine base, iorganises concerts from rocvk to rap. Contemporary art exhibitions, often with intyernationally renowned artists, are mostly held in two venues, Le LIFE and Le Grand Café.

In the height of summer Les Escales, a renowned music festival, sets fire to the harbour site! Dozens of concerts, street shows, exhibitions, a huge choice of theme bars and restaurants… one of the cultural highlights of Saint-Nazaire. Renowned artists and groups come to Saint-Nazaire, and each year the festival has a geographical focus which will be the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo this year. Save the date: the festival will take place from July 26 to 28, 2019.

Other events in the summer include “La Grande Marée”, or “High Tide”, in early June: a huge picnic on the beach, open air shows etc, and Farniente Festival in July, a music festival on the beach And watch out for free concerts –from folk to jazz and chanson- in cafés and bars all over town… Come and party with us!

"Grande Marée": everybody picnics on the beach.