The Coast and Beaches

On duty for your safety.
Special equipment for disabled holidaymakers.

Safety and Accessibility

Every summer, the City of Saint-Nazaire has lifeguards watch over five of the most visited beaches: Villès-Martin, Porcé, la Courance, les Jaunais and Saint-Marc-sur-Mer (Monsieur Hulot’s beach). 40 young men and women, easy to spot with their white t-shirts and red caps, are on duty seven days a week, from late June to late August, so that bathers can enjoy the beach in perfect conditions of safety.

Moreover, on two beaches special equipment can be lent to disabled holiday makers so that they too can enjoy bathing. The equipment is available during the same period as the presence of the lifeguards on beaches Villès-Martin and Saint-Marc (Monsieur Hulot’s beach).