The Coast and Beaches

"Monsieur Hulot's beach" (Blue Flag)
Another lovely beach: "la Courance" (Blue Flag)
"Les Jaunais" beach (Blue Flag) on the outskirts of Saint-Nazaire, near Porniche

Blue Flag for 3 beaches

If you ask somebody in Saint-Nazaire the way to the beach, you will probably get the invariable answer: “Which beach do you want ?”. Saint-Nazaire is the town of 20 beaches, no less, and each has its name, Port Charlotte, Bonne Anse, Villès-Martin, Trébézy, l’Eve, Porcé, the Lion’s Rock…! You can choose between sheltered little coves, family beaches begging for sandcastles, and wide open beaches where surfing fans ride on the rolling waves.

Blue Flag for 3 beaches

In 2015, the City of Saint-Nazaire for the first time applied for the Blue Flag. Three of its beaches meet the very high standards of this voluntary eco-label. The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, safety and other services.

So, this summer you’ll have the choice between three“Blue Flag” beaches to unfold your towel on: la Courance, Monsieur Hulot and les Jaunais. That doesn’ mean that Saint-Nazaire’s other beaches have to be ignored; simply they don’t quite meet the Blue Flag standards, sometimes because their water is “only” good instead of excellent or because they are not so easily accessible. But all the beaches are attractive, each in its own way.

Remember "Monsieur Hulot" ?

If you want safe bathing in an outstanding setting, look out for the Blue Flag beaches:

  • Families love les Jaunais.
  • Surfers have a preference for la Courance.
  • Monsieur Hulot’s beach in Saint-Marc-sur-Mer, Saint-Nazaire’s very own little resort, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. The little jetty and the group of rocks only add to its charm. It is probably best known because of Monsieur Hulot, the unforgettable character of Jacques Tati’s famous film, “Monsieur Hulot’s holidays” which was shot on this very beach in 1951. Thanks to the bronze statue realized by sculptor Emmanuel Debarre, Monsieur Hulot still keeps watch over “his” beach!