Art and Architecture

A work by British artist Peter Logan

Works of Art

In 1989, Jean-Claude Mayo, French sculptor born on the island of Réunion, used the former embarkation pier of the Loire ferry as a support for his work of art commemorating the abolition of slavery. It consists of several long wooden pieces evoking the hull structure of slave ships, and of three life-size bronze characters representing the stages of the abolition of slavery.

In 1992, the “Wind Sculpture”, a work by British artist Peter Logan, was put up on the Villès-Martin head. The 15 metre-high mobile, its tapered shapes reaching out towards the sea and sky, evokes to some an oversized javelin, to others a sextant.

Two works have been created for the biennial event of contemporary art, Estuaire Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire: “Suite of Triangles” (2007) by Swiss artist Felice Varini, and Gilles Clément’s “Garden of the Third Landscape” (created in 2009 on the roof of the submarine pens, this work will evolve along the years). Both works have been designed for the harbour landscape and are now truly part of it.

Part of Varini's "Triangles" in the harbour