Welcome to Saint-Nazaire, a city by the sea!

Saint-Nazaire, a town of 70,000 inhabitants on the French Atlantic coast, in the South of Brittany, draws profit from its unique situation on the estuary of the Loire River and the French Atlantic coast. In Saint-Nazaire, tourism combines both a very pleasant environment and outstanding attractions. Welcome to a city by the sea!

Browse this website, and you'll find loads of ideas for a day or two in Saint-Nazaire, or why not a week: there's so much on offer that it would be a pity to rush through things! Here are some of our favourites we're happy to share with you:

Saint-Nazaire is ideal for walks and strolls, on the seaside, around the harbour or on the green outskirts.

In Saint-Nazaire you will find tours and visits which simply don't exist elsewhere. Get carried by away attractions which are all about ocean liners, cruise ships, planes and history.

And there are lovely beaches, no less than 20, where you can soak up the sun in the summer, and take long walks in the winter wind.

You'll find of couse all the adresses for accomodation, restaurants, cultural venues. And we'll be very happy for you to come and meet us at the Tourist Information Centre all year long in the harbour area, inside the submarine base or, during the summer, in our mobile tourist offie which you'll spot in the city centre or near the beaches.