Walks and discoveries in Saint-Nazaire

Saint-Nazaire is a multi-facetted city. You might expect the seafront, the docks, even the coastal footpath, but probably much less the countryside with ponds and lakes... The best way to explore is with long leisurely walks. Click on the links or on the photos to find out more about the various walks and discoveries.

Quay Notes, a walk around the harbour site, and through Saint-Nazaire's history.

A balcony above the sea: the coastal footpath, or "Customs Officers' Path", is probably Saint-Nazaire's best walk.

Ponds and lakes: Saint-Nazaire also has a pretty countryside dotted with ponds and lakes.

Saint-Nazaire's "Belle Epoque": a lovely walk on the seafront promenade, and discovery of streets dating back to the late 1800's, when Saint-Nazaire was quite a fashionable seaside resort.