Escal'Atlantic, a very evocative "journey" aboard an ocean liner.
Saint-Nazaire's Airbus factory  allows you inside!


Tours and visits to carry you away!

Ready to explore? Here in Saint-Nazaire harbour, we offer a fabulous range of visits and experiences under the name Le Port de Tous les Voyages. Come to the port where all journeys begin….

Le Port de tous les Voyages (which means literally « the harbour of all journeys ») is the name under which Visit Saint-Nazaire presents its tours and visits, all based in and around the harbour of Saint-Nazaire. All of them are really about journeys of some kind:

Escal’Atlantic recounts voyages on ocean liners, visitors walking in the footsteps of yesterday’s travelers.

The guided tour of the shipyard provides close looks at fabulous “travelling machines” (cruise ships) being built.

When you visit the submarine Espadon, you might well experience some of the feelings Jules Verne described in Twenty thousand Leagues under the Sea.

Travels on the sea, travels in the air: visit the Airbus factory and see a whole new side of planes.

At the heritage museum Ecomusée, travel through time; collections, documents and scale models bear witness to the city’s fascinating history.

Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port is indeed a gateway to the world, when visiting the harbour terminals you’ll understand how thousands of ships link Saint-Nazaire to harbours all over the world.

And during the summer, take a 2-hour trip by boat: Saint-Nazaire being situated both on the river Loire and on the Atlantic Ocean, this is definitely a must!

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