Saint-Nazaire, the city by the sea.
A great play area for children, directly on the beach.
The bridge over the Loire Estuary.
The little fishing cabins are typical of Saint-Nazaire's coast.
Saint-Nazaire has a spectacular skate park with a full pipe.
It should be a wonderful day...
Sailing around the "Pointe de Chemoulin".
Saint-Nazaire's harbour basin.
The water front is ideal for walking, biking, scootering...
The cruise ship MSC Preziosa leaves Saint-Nazaire, its birthplace.
Sidewalk café on the sea front.
The film "Monsieur Hulot's holidays" was shot here.
Discover the coast from the Customs Officers' path.
Morning run along the sea side...
Fishing cabins, on a lovely summer's evening
A brisk walk on the beach, in the midst of winter.
Saint-Nazaire, gateway to the ocean.
Family ride along the water front.
"La Courance", one of Saint-Nazaire's 20 beaches.